ALeader support

Leading the way in training & support

ALeader global training and support center is located near to Tel-Aviv, Israel.

ALeader apply semiconductor industry standards.

With over 1000 installations of AOI and SPI systems each year worldwide we design robust and highly reliable machines.

Through our design, we achieve impressive low down time with long MTBF (mean time between failures) measured in years and short TFCTS (time from call to solution).

ALeader Support Philosophy

  • Reliability – Prevent problems from occurring
  • High quality design and parts used in production
  • 24/7 fast reply for any customer
  • Customer care
  • Professional approach
  • Minimise customer down time
  • Applying advanced diagnostic tools
  • Applying advanced support tools

Calibration and maitenance

ALeader apply automatic calibration tools. Calibrating the machine takes less than 5 minutes and is done automatically. Maintenance is based on greasing and cleaning and therefore very easy.

Application support

Most customer questions are about application (how to use the machine).

Aleader apply 4 golden rules to meet this challange

  • Keep it simple – we design the software to keep it simple for the user
  • Training – our training department developed the tuition classes based on advanced training tools.
  • Interactive help menu – on each window there is an interactive guide (for new SW release in Spring 2013)
  • Fast reply and availability – we apply advanced support tools. ALeader engineers can remotely connect to your machine and answer your questions at any time.
aleader-europe TECHNOLOGY

3D AOI & 3D SPI training

ALeader’s 3D AOI and 3D SPI systems come with remote installation and training abilities.

As the COVID-19 outbreak escalates around the globe and the travel restrictions becoming more and more widespread, many companies across the industry restrict visitors to enter their facilities. The usual way of onsite installation and training of new machines, customer training and support is no longer available. As it’s evident that this troubling situation shall continue for some time, ALeader steps in and introduces remote installation and training.


How does it work?

New machines come with simple and clear instructions for placement and leveling and can quickly be done by the customer’s maintenance team. From now on, the rest of the process – calibrations, adjustments, and the training itself – will be done by ALeader technicians through a pre-installed remote training & calibration kit. We are now able to support our clients all over the world without the need to enter their facilities, making the installation and training process quicker easier and time-saving.