Ease-of-use and auto-programming with ALeader Full 3D AOI technology

SMT production is a very complex and challenging environment. Numerous factors can disrupt the process and adversely affect the quality. When AOI programmers prepare a program for a new product they face enormous pressure, as once the first board is assembled and all the stations are ready, actual production can only begin when they provide a flawlessly working AOI program.

ALeader’s Full 3D AOI technology and the comprehensive understanding of the production environment enabled us to list the requirements and design our AOI system user interface, programming and algorithms accordingly:

  •  Easy-to-learn, uncrowded, ergonomic and intuitive user interface
  • Wizard-based programming procedure
  • Transparent, graphic definitions for the algorithm setup and adjustments; no black boxes, no virtual ‘must-remember’ parameters and settings
  • Automatic process implementation wherever possible – auto-programming, library use, handling, alerts
  • The program quality is independent of the user’s experience; the programming does not require highly skill personnel
  • The training process for new users is short and simple


One-click resistor definition – all algorithms set automatically – height measurement, positioning, solder joints, OCR :


Takes only 3 sec per part number to define the capacitor :

Limited number of algorithms simplifies and shorten the learning process. Same transparent and easy setup for different components types