One operator for 4 Lines

It is common to meet 2-3 operators for a line. 2 for the SMT line printer to reflow and another one for the AOI.

ALeader’s innovative approach believes that one operator per 4 lines is more than sufficient.

High FPY Low false calls rate ensures that most of the PCB’s will go to the good magazine in the NG\GOOD unloader. It is Aleader standard for users to have such unloaders.

With clear review picture and review technology it takes less than a second to define if an alarm is a false call or real defect without User escapes” = user mistakes.

>99.5% of the PCB’s that are reviewed on the repair station the user does not need to look on the PCB. With smart

Review system that locate PCB fast we save time.

By Applying these methods ALeader is able to meet the goal of 1 operator controlling 4 lines or more. Thus meaning the same operator can debug (define alternative components etc…) the lines in between.

ALeader smart review

Automatic Classification

ALeader innovative SW will automaticlly classify your defects with accuracy > 90%

Fast review

Average time to review a PCB is seconds. the reasons are:

  • High First Pass Yield (FPY)
  • Low False Call (FA) rate
  • Eliminate the need to examine the location on the PCB – differences between a defect and non-defect are so large on Aleader that decisions are quickly made.

User is not missing a defect when the machine when the machine finds it.
When there is a low false call rate and most of the alarms are real, the user is not skipping them and marking them as “Good”.

The big difference between the defect and the standard clearly highlights the defects.


ALEADER Technology

ALeader gives full traceability of the results.

Results can be loaded by barcode, date and time, program and batch.

The machine comes with integrated 1D & 2D barcode reader on the camera as standard.


  • Automatically change programs by barcode
  • Inline machine – ensure continuous production without stop
  • Offline machines – ensure the operator will use the last and most updated program
  • Auto Create barcodes – for PCBs without barcode. On pallet or multi board
  • Multi boards (Panels) barcode – save the barcode for each block (board within the panel), ensures traceability after the panel is cut.
  • Load results by barcode

Multi board bottom barcode reading
Usually barcodes are placed on the top side of the PCB only. ALeader advanced solution enables reading single and multi board barcodes of the PCB from the underside.

Interface with Factory ERM systems
ALeader machines will create a file to summarize each scan, this file can be interfaced to any ERM system

Automatic Optical Inspection