ALeader unique OCR function

Recognize component marking without false alarms – ALeader unique OCR function

Wrong component detection is a vital part of AOI function, at the same time, this is one of the most challenging tasks for most of AOI systems.

There is almost no standards in the component marking – different surfaces, various fonts, all kind of printing methods, component quality – all this makes the task even more complicated.

Some customers just giving up on this inspection due to difficulties of programming and the false call level.

ALeader systems are inspecting component marking or component color for years demonstrating the best performance in the market.

However with the latest generation of its AOI systems ALeader achieved a real breakthrough in this area.

As part of the AI based auto-programming technology, OCR algorithms are no longer requiring debugging or long fine-tuning. Operator just selects the area, sets the expected text – system runs with no false alarms and 100% detectability


OCR on IC component :


OCR on metal surface :

OCR on laser marking :