ALeader ALD7220 i3D Offline AOI is designed for inspection of PCB with top component clearance upto 50 mm.

As most customer using it for the after wave application using high top clearance for top side and TH solder
joints algorithms for the bottom side inspection, the ALD7220 is very suitable for a standard after reflow PCB inspection. In addition, the same machine can inspect components on glue including the pad glue contamination.

No any HW modification is necessary to switch between the different applications.
As all systems belonging to ALeadaer i3D family, ALD7220 offers easy and straight forward programming, ultra-fast inspection speed, very high detectability and low false alarm rate.

ALD7220 supports central server and library configuration, offline programming and verification. The standard configuration includes barcode reading with camera, on-system verification, SPC and tracibility.

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