Programming without Gerber

It is a common situation, when customer has no Gerber data to create the SPI program. For various reasons – it can be data lost for the old project, or just the responsible person is not available – there might be all kind of unexpected situations in the production environment.

But absence of the Gerber file does not mean that SPI should become an expensive conveyor. ALeader introduces the “auto-frame” function that allows an automatic program creation using the sample board. This is a simple procedure and it takes just few minutes to create the program.

This function became possible thanks to the ALeader high-quality color 2D image. It is very easy to distinguish the paste, pad and the board:

Having this information, systems automatically finds the paste deposits on the PCB and creates the program.

Number of tools are available to easy correct the paste definitions in case of not ideal sample is available. Height and the volume measurement will be performed according to the stencil thickness (ideal height) and the ideal paste area is defined according to the pasted board sample.