Optical Inspection Solutions

Simultaneous 2D and 3D inspection guarantees full inspection coverage with the most accurate measurement of height, area and volume of the paste deposits

Our Optical Inspection Solutions Consist:

Excellent – high resolution image, generated by the high speed camera and the unique lighting system, clearly differentiate the pastes, pads, silkscreen and the board.

Innovative – automatic warpage compensation and measurement floor recognition method based on the color filter. Effective combination of the high quality color 2D image and large 3D measurement range allows an easy identification of the pads as a zero level for the paste height measurement. The method completely eliminates influence of the PCB warpage. The process is completely automatic and no actions from user are required. 

Precise – height measurement based on Phase Measurement Profilometry (PMP). Bi-directional phase shifting projection system ensures accurate and noise resistant measurement of the paste height and volume.

Optical Inspection Solutions