ALeader Full 3D AOI Technology

High-range, precise, shadow-free 3D height measurement of solder joints and components coupled with simultaneous high-resolution, high-quality 2D images.

Unique optical system developed by ALeader delivers an accurate, reliable 3D measurement without compromising 2D image quality

  • 4-direction structured light (developed in-house, advanced phase-shifting digital projection system)
  • Multi-directional (360° horizontal, 0-90° vertical) LED illumination system
  • High-speed telecentric camera
  • Fully automatic warpage compensation does not require any special procedure or sample board
  • All components inspected for color or marking for every board. Powerful debug-free OCR algorithms
  • Auto-programming
  • Inspection pass-fail criteria complies with IPC-610 standard according to defined IPC level