AMS Electronic Assemblies LTD. Customer testimonial for ALD6720S SPI

AMS Electronic Assemblies LTD. Customer testimonial for ALD6720S SPI

Eldad Miller, C.T.O. of A.M.S

A.M.S. Electronic Assemblies Ltd. is a leading Subcontractor that operates in the field of E.M.S. (Electronic Manufacturing Service), advanced assembly, and full Turn-Key Solutions. The company operates since 1987 and has a wide range of diverse customers in all fields, such as medical, communication, industrial, military, and others. In 2019 A.M.S. became a part of P.C.B. Technology Ltd.

Eldad Miller, C.T.O. of A.M.S., has over 16 years of industry experience and is one of the key experts in the company responsible for assembly process and technology. His knowledge and expertise allow him to select the best equipment for the company’s production needs. Here is what he commented on A.M.S. and P.C.B. recent purchase of ALeader ALD6720S SPI system:

“Our company specializes in High Mix – Low Volume assembly and all our equipment should support a very flexible production process with high ”quick turn-over” abilities. We are a long-term user of ALeader equipment. There are 3 A.O.I. Systems on our production floor, and we are delighted with its performance and the support we are receiving from ALeader team. So, when we looked for new Solder Paste Inspection machine, the ALeader S.P.I. was an obvious candidate for the comparison test we performed during the selection process. Finally, ALeader was indeed the selected solution.

I have to say that our products are a challenge for any S.P.I. System. Complicated P.C.B.s with a large number of micro BGA and ultra-small chip components, extensive use of step stencils, flexible panels, etc..  In addition to that, we were looking for precise and accurate measurements with reliable repeatability, automatic operation and simple and straight forward programming.

During the evaluation process, we’ve performed a thorough on-site inspection and study of ALeader ALD6720S SPI machine and found that the system is a perfect fit for our operation. The excellent inspection capability of ALD6720S allows us to reduce the manufacturing defect rate drastically and, as a result,  improve the production quality and reduce cost. We are benefiting from easy programming – takes minutes to make a program, full inspection coverage, organized control on judgment tolerances, high throughput, and at the same time precise and accurate measurement, transparent and straightforward reporting, and defect verification. The printing process is the most critical step that has the highest failure opportunities in all S.M.T. processes. ALD6720S is an excellent tool for controlling the printing parameters and make sure they are stable between their control limits.

 From my experience, these are some of the parameters that can be controlled, followed by an examination of ALD6720S 3D scanning results :

  • Squeegee pressure,
  • Printing speed,
  • P.C.B. attachment,
  • Difference between the front and rear quality,
  • Stencil release profile,
  • Stencil collapse.
  • Squeegee quality.
  • Stencil cleaning quality efficiency and many more.
  • Many other parameters …  

To summarize, we are very satisfied with the new machine, and I hope we will continue to enjoy Aleader machines for many years ahead.”