Umeantech Testimonial

Umeantech LTD, Founded in 2004, is providing manufacturing and engineering services for its customers in a wide range of markets – communication, military, consuming, medical and more. Located in the city of Netanya (Israel), Umeantech holds a number of high-end SMT lines and mostly concentrating on prototypes, small and medium volume projects.

For number of years already Umeantech is using ALeader’s All-in-One solution, which includes offline ALD515 AOI and the First Article Inspection (FAI) application. The company just ordered an additional ALeader ALD525L AOI to satisfy the growing production needs.

Alex Sigler, the founder and the owner of Umeantech LTD has said a following: “…The quality is the highest priority for our company. In a very high-mix production environment to maintain the high quality standards and, at the same time, to deliver the product to the customer in time, is not an easy task.

ALeader solution for optical inspection and the first article process gave us the required tools to achieve our goals and to satisfy our customers. 100% of our products are inspected in ALeader AOI system and every new product is going through the thorough first article inspection process. After implementation of ALeader FAI application, the time we spend for the first product inspection went down from almost a day to a less than an hour. Using FAI app we have also eliminated the human errors significantly improving the quality of the production and preventing the unnecessary repair”.